Ruckerhill Jacks

Purchaser acknowledges that no representations, verbal or implied, have been made with regard to said Jack Russell Terrier’s future abilities or suitability for any purpose beyond those contained in this agreement.

The seller agrees to supply the buyer with a pedigree and stud certificate necessary to register the JRT with only the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA).
The buyer agrees to use the prefix kennel name of “Ruckerhill” for the registered/recorded name of the JRT.
The buyer agrees not to breed the JRT unless it has successfully been registered with the JRTCA.
 If the JRT is not registered with the JRTCA it must be neutered or spayed.

The JRT is being sold in its present state of health as described by the seller and the veterinarian health certificate supplied and is presently sound & free of disease:

If the buyer has any concerns about the JRT’s present state of health, the buyer should consult their DVM, at the buyer’s expense, within 72 hours of possession of the JRT. If the puppy is found not to be in good health, the buyer will return the terrier to the seller immediately, and the seller will either; (1) replace the terrier, (2) refund the purchase price, or, (3) return it in good health within thirty (30) days (The adverse health report must be in writing and signed by a licensed veterinarian). The Seller is not responsible for any testing or Vet Fees while in the possession on the buyer.
The Puppy is guaranteed to qualify for registration/recording with the JRTCA at one year of' age and up to that time be free of genetic/congenital defects which would cause permanent discomfort, death or the need to be humanely destroyed. In such an unlikely case, a written veterinarian report, with autopsy if necessary, must be submitted in writing and signed by a licensed veterinarian. The puppy will be replaced or the purchase price returned at the seller' sole discretion. This does not apply to issues as luxating patella and items that may be environmentally, nutritional, or injury biased during the growing puppy stages…

If at any time in the JRT’s life, the buyer can no longer keep the JRT, the buyer agrees to first contact the seller and give the seller first option to the JRT and/or to assist in its placement.

If the seller does not wish to exercise their option, the buyer may then sell, gift, or dispose of the JRT.
Under no circumstances is the JRT to be placed in a pound or animal shelter, the buyer must notify the seller if this is the buyers only option and must allow the seller at least 72 hours to recover the JRT.

The buyer agrees to provide a safe environment for the JRT and routinely provide veterinarian examinations, vaccinations, and medications such as heart worm and flee/tick preventative.

The JRT has had those inoculations as stated in the records provided. The buyer must have the JRT vaccinated at their veterinarians suggested frequency relevant to their area and must include a rabies vaccine. DHPP has been administered for the first inoculations - we do not recommend DHLP due to sensitivities and adverse reactions with Lepto inoculations in white dogs.
The JRT has been treated with oral worming medication (NEMEX) and should be free of intestinal parasites; dogs can contract new parasites in many ways. If the buyer suspects internal parasites through symptoms such as weight loss, poor coat, or fecal evidence, the buyer should consult their veterinarian. If the JRT contracts external parasites, such as fleas or ticks, the buyer should also consult their veterinarian for a prescription preventative program.

The seller has verified that presently the JRT has no food or other aggressive tendencies toward people; JRT’s are hunting breed and may be aggressive towards varmints, cats, and abusive children.

The buyer assumes all legal and moral responsibility for the JRT and its training as of this date of sale.  The Seller welcomes calls for updates thru the life of the JRT.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Kentucky, without giving effect to the principles of conflicts of laws. The parties hereto irrevocably: (i) agree that any suit, action or other legal proceeding arising out of this Agreement shall be brought in the courts of the State of Kentucky or the courts of the United States located in Kentucky, (ii) consent to the jurisdiction of each court in any such suit, action or proceeding, (iii) waive any objection which they, or any of them, may have to the laying of venue of any such suit, action or proceeding in any of such courts, and (iv) waive the right to a trial by jury in any such suit, action or other legal proceeding This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the buyer and seller.  No other agreements or promises, verbal or implied, are included unless specifically stated in this written Agreement.

Buyer’s Signature:  ____________________________________________   Date: _______________________

          ​Seller’s Signature:  ____________________________________________   Date: ________________________

Ruckerhill Farm

Don & Sheryl Gaskell * 7735 Irvine Rd. * Winchester, Ky. 40391 * Phone; 859-737-2903


We Don & Sheryl Gaskell (Seller), for consideration of _$1000.00_ relinquish 1 Femail / Male Jack Russell Terrier (JRT), Whelp Date: _________ of  ______________________ by _________________________, with the following attributes: Age:_~10 weeks  Color; _Tri___ Coat; __Rough___ 
​Markings; _______________________________________________________________________  To (Buyer): _________________________________________________________

This sale to the buyer is according to and contingent upon the following conditions:

Terrier Sale Agreement