Ruckerhill Jacks

“There’s no higher calling for a
​dog than to be a pet.”

All Ruckerhill litters are whelped and raised in our home with our family. You will find that Ruckerhill puppies are well socialized and very adaptable. Bio-sensor training/testing begins on the 3rd day, Litter training starts by the 3rd week in their whelping pen, and by 8 to 10 weeks they are comfortable in their crates and with traveling. Ruckerhill litters are wormed and immunized for all possible contacts (Except Lepto due to the very sensitive nature of dominantly white dogs) at every vet recommended interval as if we were going to keep every pup for both Field work and Show. We have conscientiously researched and found the best Jack Russell Terrier bloodlines for hunt ability, conformation, and temperaments in North America and our show and hunt accomplishments support that belief. If you are looking to provide a forever home for a best friend, or you are searching for just the right working, event, or show companion we will be more than happy to discuss the best possible fit (and each pups temperament test results) with you to best match a pup to your situation. We suggest that before you consider a Jack Russell Terrier you review the JRTCA Interactive profiler and see how compatible your lifestyle is to this very smart and active little terrier. Please remember these are hunting terriers and need to be active and

Blue Moon Mist

Little Eden Strut X Little Eden Brisk                              2010 - 12 3/4" Tri color,  Broken coat,                    JRTCA Bronze & Lifetime Achievement              Normal DNA for PLL, SCA, & DM
CERF & BAER normal

All Ruckerhill JRTs are sold to their forever homes with a Sales Contract. All pups are guaranteed to be free of any genetic faults preventing JRTCA recording / registration for a cost of $1000. One of the stipulations for all our pups is; that should you, the owner, be forced to give up a Ruckerhill JRT, we, the breeder, must be notified and allowed one week to recover the JRT before it’s being given to a shelter or rescue organization. We will be here for guidance for you and your dog throughout the dog’s life and are committed to our Jacks – they will always have a safe place to come home to!

New Ruckerhill Litters

Cool Runnings Rock It! X Cabin Creek Fiona         2014  - 12 1/4" Tan/w color, Broken coat,                          JRTCA Bronze Medallion for Merit in the Feld Normal DNA for PLL, SCA & DM
CERF & BAER normal

Ruckerhill Tucker X Ruckerhill Rain                  2016  - 12 1/4" Tri color, Broken coat,                         Normal DNA for PLL, SCA & DM
CERF & BAER normal

Available Now

Ruckerhill Moxie                                                     Born 12/30/2010  12" Tri Color Broken coat. JRTCA Bronze Medallion. Spayed.                Must have a fenced yard.

& 2019 Planned litters are listed below!

Little Eden Swagger 

Little Eden Strut X Little Eden Brisk                              2010 - 12 3/4" Tri color,  Broken coat,                    JRTCA Bronze & Lifetime Achievement              Normal DNA for PLL, SCA, & DM
CERF & BAER normal

Pictures and videos will be posted when the Litter Arrives!

Little Eden Swagger

On occasion we have a dog available that has been retired from their show or hunt job. We do not always post these dogs as available because they are our pets and it takes a very special home for them to be released too. These Jacks are excellent family companions, and are wonderful dogs that need a home that will provide adequate exercise and regular jobs to do to keep them physically & mentally active so their time can be spent enjoying fun days and cuddle up nights with you. If you are interested in this type of situation than please note it on the puppy application as "Adult" and/or call us directly.

Please fill out a Puppy Application or contact us for further details.

Ruckerhill Adults available to the right home - Fill out a Puppy Application and list the dog you are interested in in the notes...

Ruckerhill  Widgit

have jobs. If you are interested in a Ruckerhill pup or dog please fill out a copy of the Puppy Application so we can help you select the right dog for your situation. We selectively breed only one or two litters a year for improving our own hunting & show stock.  We reserve the right to refuse sale or deposit for any reason.  We also reserve the right too, and will normally keep the pick of each litter to replace an older/retired dog. The remaining puppies are picked in order of deposit for hunt companions, Show, and top quality pets. All Ruckerhill Terriers are sold with a sales agreement so we can keep track of all the pups and insure they will not be placed in a shelter or pound. Our breeding stock is PLL (Primary Lens Luxation), SCA (Late Onset Ataxia) DNA tested normal, BAER (Hearing) tested normal, and CERF clear (Eye Cataract) tested annually (we will not breed a known DNA Affected or two known Carriers of a genetic fault with a Ruckerhill prefix). You are welcome to check our test results at the Jack Russell Health Registry.