Ruckerhill Jacks


Ruckerhill Jack Russell Terrier Purchase Request

We at Ruckerhill try to match the home to the terrier’s personality. Your information allows us to get a feel for the situation the terrier will be
exposed too and to start a conversation with you as to the needs and expectations of you the buyer and we the breeder. Our contract for all
Ruckerhill dogs require that we be notified and given one week to recover the dog should the buyer be forced to give it up.  In no circumstance
will we allow a Ruckerhill dog be given to a shelter or rescue organization. Submission of a purchase ​request does not guarantee the sale of a
terrier; Ruckerhill JRT has the right to refuse any request for purchase or the sale ​of any terrier into any situation that may not be perceived
​as a suitable situation for your Family or for the Terrier.

E-mail to or call us and we can talk through these points over the phone.

Puppy Application

Please complete all the questions in the appropriate box and tab to the next box and when complete select the submit button on the
​bottom of the form. Your form will be sent to the Ruckerhill e-mail account and we will respond as soon as available.