Ruckerhill Jacks

"There’s no higher calling for a dog than to be a pet."

From just getting a pet to where we are today has been a great learning experience and adventure. It started with a promise to the breeder to register Missy with the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America. We then started reading the “True Grit” club magazine and learning all the neat things this little dog could do. We made a call to local members Jane Griffin and then Phil & Susan Hawkins. Phil & Susan encouraged us to attend the Ohio “Buckeye JRT Trial” with them and we had a great time. We started attending more trials and we met Roger Shury judging GO-TO-Ground in PA. Roger took the time to show our sons (Tim & Andrew) how their dog could run the tunnel and bark at the rat, That was all it took for Tim and Andrew to start showing in Youth and Go-To-Ground. It has all moved pretty quickly since then. Missy whelped 2 litters and produced 3 great hunters. I started to learn to work with the Terriers in the field from Glen Churchfield and Mal McEwen. We got a beautiful litter from Shirley Davis’s Elusive Diamond who at the age of 9 decided her job was to be the farm’s great mouse and mole hunter. We now have working JRTs and all of them have a job; Diamond, Missy, & Junior have recently passed to the rainbow bridge and will forever be in our hearts, Brisk trains the young ones to hunt & all the dogs love to Show and Hunt. Don has now become a JRTCA sanctioned Go-to-Ground and Working Judge... We love to travel to shows, compete, visit, and talk dogs with friends. Regulars that we enjoy learning from and connecting with at Terrier Trials are: Fred & Janet Settle (Royal Terriers), Ursula Schwalbe (Allstar Terriers), Diane Wright (Shingle Oak Terriers), Gaye Redpath-Schaeper (Conquest Terriers), and many, many, others too numerous to mention. We also want to thank Michelle Ward (Little Eden Terriers) for being a great friend, allowing us to add Little Eden Angel and Brisk to our family, and for being a great mentor and wealth of information.

FREE Groundhog removal:
No traps, No poison baits, No Guns.

If you are a land owner in the Kentucky area and are having problems with Groundhog, Raccoon, Opossum, or Fox destroying crops, causing EPM in your livestock, or sette holes that create the possibility of injury to livestock and damage to your equipment, Call us! We will be happy to dispatch or relocate those unwanted varmints from your fields, pastures, and gardens free of charge. We have raised and handled livestock ourselves and appreciate your concerns for the respect and condition of your property. We hold ourselves to the highest outdoor code of conduct and insure that any settes we work are backfilled and closed. We will insure your gates are closed and latched, and the general condition of your property is left in the same or better condition than when we arrived. We will be glad to provide references on request. There are some sette situations we will not allow the terriers to knowingly enter, such as: Under concrete slabs, under abandon equipment, in areas of known sinkholes, and in settes that are known to be occupied by skunk - there is no greater danger to a terrier underground than a skunk.


Ruckerhill Farm sits on 10 acres off of Rt 89, Irvine Rd, in beautiful Clark County Kentucky. We are often asked why the name Ruckerhill? Well, when we first moved to our Kentucky home we would give the following directions: Go south on Irvine Road (Rt 89) until you cross a small bridge past the Ruckerville store on the left, go to the top of the hill, past the Church, and we are on the right. So, we always called it Rucker Hill. The name grew on us. Since then, the old Ruckerville store has been torn down, the road has been straightened, and more houses have been built. But this is still, our Ruckerhill, our Kentucky home.

Sheryl & I started with Jack Russell Terriers in 2000 after the passing of Jill, our Border Collie mix and best friend for all of 17 years. I was taken by the intelligence and tenacity of a little white dog named Digger while doing some Blacksmithing in the early 90s at the Chase Farm. Digger’s mission in life was to protect the two little girls that lived at the farm and to keep the barns and pastures clean of any vermin. After watching me a few minutes and figuring out that I meant no harm, Digger and I became great friends and I was hooked. I went home and told Sheryl that if we ever got another dog it would be a Jack. During a vacation, shortly after Jill’s passing to the Rainbow Bridge, my sons and I stopped at that very same Chase Farm and found that there was just one puppy left of a recent litter but was not yet old enough to be separated from Mom. On my way home from my next business trip in New England, “Missy” was quietly stowed in my bag under the Delta Airlines seat in front of me. That was just the start of our ongoing Jack Russell training and adventure.


Max is so wonderful! We took him to the dog park in Cherokee Park yesterday and he had a ball running with the other dogs.
He also did great in his first class at PetSmart last night. He was fantastic when I bathed him also. 

You are the best! We are so happy and so is Max! 
Thanks so much!

Theresa and Sam. KY

Ruckerhill Jack Russell Terrier Puppies are the product of strategically Planned Litters that are bred for outstanding family friendly temperaments, quality companions, and individuals that are well balanced, structurally correct for conformation and the ability to excel in the hunt field, the show ring, or in your back yard. We understand and believe that "there's no higher calling for a dog than to be a pet" We are active members of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America, The Jack Russell Terrier Club of Canada, and strictly adhere to the Breeders Code of Ethics. We enjoy showing our Jacks in the conformation ring but our true pleasure (and Theirs) is the field work. We selectively breed only one or two litters a year for improving our own hunting stock blood lines. We will normally try to keep the pick of the litter to replace an older/retired dog. The other pups and older dogs become available for hunt companions, Show, and top quality pets. All Ruckerhill Terriers are sold with a sales agreement so we can keep track of all the pups and insure they will not be placed in a shelter or pound. Our breeding stock is PLL-DNA (Primary Lens Luxation) & SCA (Late Onset Ataxia) tested normal, BAER (Hearing) tested normal and CERF (Eye Cataract) tested annually. We require successfull Aplicants to have a fenced yard! Statics show that Jack Russells sold to homes with no fenced containment have a 70% mortality rate in the first two years. An underground fence is usless for a terrier with pray drive and the shock is no deturnet when in chase - an underground fence is also usless for othe animals and quary from entering your dogs space